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So, Now What?

I imagine there are a lot of you currently asking the same question. Read my thoughts on what's going on around us - along with an update on my Nashville trip!


So, you heard it right - unfortunately my trip to Nashville tomorrow is cancelled - for the time being that is. My decision to postpone the trip was reached by discussing my options with family, friends in the music industry both here and on the ground in Nashville and taking the advice from the Australian Government regarding all Australians needing to reconsider overseas travel at this time, due to the constantly changing health landscape.

I'll admit it took me a moment to stop myself from feeling overwhelmed and spiralling, who would've thought I could be dramatic?! I am relieved to have made this decision and am confident it is the right one, because at the end of the day health and safety is paramount. We need to be wise and work to protect both ourselves and those around us. I know that it is okay to be disappointed and sad but I am choosing to also be positive and remind myself that there are others fighting bigger battles at the moment, perspective helps a lot.

So, now what? That is the question on my mind and others I'm sure. Life at the moment feels like a bit of a 'grey area' as we step into a level of uncertainty around the world. My 2020 goals remain unchanged, it just means that the planning and timing will have to be adjusted. This can actually be exciting too as who knows what could be around the corner on this different path!

Even though the ‘pause button’ is on Nashville, I will continue to write, sing and create in my effort to keep pursuing my passions of the creative arts with the hope of bringing new music to the table soon.

To my gorgeous friends in Nashville, I promise I will be back to see ya'll as soon as possible. Stay safe everyone and WASH YOUR HANDS! - CK


Quarantined or Laying Low? Here's My Top 10 Things To-Do:

1) Finally read the book that has been collecting dust next to your bed for months (or a year if you're like me)

2) Cook up a storm in the kitchen and get creative! My go to this weekend is healthy banana bread. My fav recipe:

3) Listen to a new music genre *hint hint country music if you don't already*

4) Ring your Parents/Grandparents, check on them during these different times

5) Give Yoga a try, there are great videos on YouTube from beginner to expert. This is a great way to recentre your thoughts and practice mindfulness.

6) Binge watch TV shows/movies to make you laugh, my go-to's are Kath & Kim and Schitt's Creek at the moment!

7) Start to learn a new language or maybe refresh some rusty skills, there are many great apps and sites you can visit to get learning today

8) Practice gratitude - this is a big one. Each day try writing five things you are grateful for and see how it lifts your mood. Learn more by visiting

9) Reach out if you are feeling lonely, isolated or even if you just need a chat! Also be sure to check in with your friends too and ask if they are okay

10) Take a break from social media, it can feel like all we read is doom and gloom. Take a break and exercise putting your phone or laptop down for a while while doing one of the activities above!


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Gunjan Kumari
Jun 22, 2021

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