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Embracing The Changes

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

A lot has changed since my last blog post, not just for me but the world around us! Read how I'm 'keeping it cool' amongst the madness!


By now, I imagine you are all settling into a new lifestyle of 'Social Distancing'. While physically we are further away from one another more than ever, it feels like we are more connected. The constraints of the world at the moment are forcing us all to adapt to the changes around us and reach out to each other a little more than we are used to.

I have to admit, this month hasn't looked as I thought it would. Am I disappointed and a little sad at times? Of course I am. But am I choosing to adapt, take the good with the bad and get on with things? HECK YES.

As someone who usually resonates with being too busy for my own good, being confined to my home takes a moment of getting used to - but I am getting there.

What I have been learning is that it takes being stuck at home to actually get on with some of the tasks and activities I have wanted to do for ages but have always said 'I don't have time'. Firstly, I sat outside and painted - shock horror! I sat still long enough to enjoy the fresh air and dabble with water-colour paints and just loved it. I have cleared up my music room, binged a little TV, watched films I've always wanted to see, started cooking more and finally have picked up my guitar to learn step-by-step rather than my usual technique of 'winging it.'

Two people I am incredibly grateful for are the gorgeous Gina Jeffreys and Max Jackson. To keep ourselves connected, we're writing together weekly, not only go get creative (and write kick-ass songs) but also to keep the communication channels open, acknowledging that we're all on this journey together. Who doesn't like to have a laugh too! I encourage you all to find like-minded people to video chat with where you just can be yourself. Reach out to one another and be open to having real and honest conversations.

Lastly, but not at all least please support the musicians around you - buy and stream their music, purchase their merchandise and get online and support them during these challenging months of no live shows.


PS, if you want to try your hand at guitar or brush up on your already amazing skills, #Fender are offering the first 500,000 subscribers 3 months of FOC lessons - so why not!?





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